Bushmills Inn & Restaurant

The Busmills Inn & Restaurant (view from back entrance)

This brings me to the restaurant, which is why I came in in the first place. Arriving in town right around lunchtime and dropped nearly right in front of the simple white building, it just made sense. I was led through and seated in the sunroom looking out at the patio. It was quiet and cozy while the sun shone through. I always have trouble with menus rarely confident on my final answer and this one didn’t make it easier. It all sounded divine. Being on an island and near the coast at that, seafood seemed the best choice. Narrowing it down, I got the Dalriada Cullen Skink. Their rendition of the traditional Scottish style soup consisting of potatoes and smoked haddock.

Dalriada Cullen Skink at Bushmills Inn & Restaurant

I waited patiently and it wasn’t long before the gorgeous plate was set in front of me and my eyes lit up. Stacked in the center was a base of crushed potatoes with soft buttery leeks. A generous portion of poached smoked haddock rested on the potatoes while a poached hen’s egg was placed on top as the crown. Like a moat, a smoked fish cream sauce circled the tower. Cracking the yolk, that first bite until the sad end was sheer bliss. As I lapped up every last bit, I knew I‘d be back before I left Bushmills.

Seafood Chowder at Bushmills Inn & Restaurant

Sure as the sun did rise, I was back the next day after tasting some whiskey at the distillery (an obvious must as well). I sat inside as the weather was becoming a touch gloomy. A dim lit atmosphere, bringing that comforting pub feel that I like so much. I stuck to my seafood theme, making the decision easier this time. Going with the dish I was torn between the day prior, I ordered the Smoked Fish Chowder. A velvety smooth rich cream soup loaded with smoked fish, mussels and potatoes. Alongside was the brown bread I was quick to fall in love with served everywhere, but theirs was done with treacle, a molasses like product.

Bread and Butter Pudding at Bushmills Inn & Restaurant

Another amazing dish and as I knew this would be last visit, I had to get dessert. Bread and Butter Pudding. A classic found all over Ireland and the United Kingdom, it often falls flat. Not the case here. Beautifully baked and moist it sat in a shallow pool of satin Crème Anglais. Not one for the diet, but for simple indulgence.

Not if, but when I’m back in Bushmills, I’ll be splurging to stay here and making my best attempt at clearing through the menu whatever it as changed to. If you’re in Bushmills exploring the Giant’s Causeway and the coastal path make sure to drop in for at least one meal. You won’t be disappointed.

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9 Dunluce Rd, Bushmills BT57 8QG, UK

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Have you ever been here? If so, what was your experience like? Let me know in the comments below!

If you are in Bushmills, make sure to stop in here for a bite to eat!

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