Eating Snake in Le Mat, Hanoi – Snakes on a Plate in Hanoi’s Snake Village

I’ve had the luxury or misfortune, depending on your view, of visiting the Snake Village in Le Mat, Hanoi on 3 separate occasions. Each experience was different, with one commonality. It involved snakes on a plate. 7 km from central Hanoi, the Snake village is only a short drive away. For a culinary adventurer, eating … More Eating Snake in Le Mat, Hanoi – Snakes on a Plate in Hanoi’s Snake Village

Foraging Patagonia

Foraging is a skill of the past. Forgotten with time, globalization and mass consumerism has led us to the grocery store instead of the forests, mountains, fields and beaches. For centuries, cultures from the Arctic to the far reaches of Patagonia have sustained themselves off the land. Hunting has always remained widely practiced, but the … More Foraging Patagonia

Camp Cooking 101

How many of us avoid cooking like the plague? Even in home kitchens, the number of people that would prefer prepackaged and instant foods or go out to eat regularly goes up. While chefs in recent years have become glorified, I feel like the once basic life skill of cooking has slowly diminished. I imagine … More Camp Cooking 101

Curanto – Chilean Edibles

The world over, cuisines have a traditional dish made for a celebration. A party, special occasion or simply just a gathering of friends and family is enough. Not all, but a few that strike my attention require the use of an earth oven. Using the most simple and primitive cooking instruments that have been around for millennia. The earth itself and of course … More Curanto – Chilean Edibles