Stone Henge

Europe was the very first and only continent I placed my feet on outside of North America until I was 23. England was the beginning of it all. At the age of six, we went to visit where my dad was from. We explored England for 3 weeks from bottom to top. Finishing in Manchester area, his stomping grounds. Even though much is vaguely remembered, it was enough to bury itself in my skin and emerge years later as a full blown travel bug.

At this age I had become fascinated with castles, cathedrals, battlefields and medieval times in general. At heart, I’m a history nerd and this being my first taste. I was drawn to it. As I began to travel more I realized money played a major part in that. This led to Europe taking a bit of a backseat, but in the coming years I will return. When that time comes, I look forward to delving further into this continent that started it all.