Hoi An, Vietnam

Picturesque, calm, preserved and silk induced, this town of tailors is a UNESCO World Heritage city in Central Vietnam. Myself, it has been a place of rest and relaxation in a country full of seemingly chaotic cities, as well as a place of indulgence. While the hundreds of tailors can be overwhelming at times, it … More Hoi An, Vietnam

2015’s Memorable Eats

I’ve been on an edible journey for many years now. It started with the development of my passion for food and cooking. However, the past two years this journey had taken somewhat of a different trajectory. From working strictly towards becoming a chef to now following my stomach on a more global food trail. Primarily … More 2015’s Memorable Eats

HIGH Points of 2015

2015 was another year of unforgettable experiences. From Southeast Asia to the Arctic, it brought me to some places I definitely didn’t plan and taught me a lot. Full of spontaneity, new and old places, great friends and food. I really can’t ask for much more! I started the year out by returning to Vietnam. … More HIGH Points of 2015

Street Food Of Hanoi

Hanoi is one of my favorite cities in Southeast Asia. A place I could see myself settle for a period of time. Not forever I’m sure, but until whatever is in my blood decides to tell me to move on. I have now been here twice, spending just under a month in total. This time … More Street Food Of Hanoi

Snakes On A Plate

01/28/2012 – My eyes shot open from the nap I thought would become a coma. Disoriented, with no concept of time, I only knew the sun had gone down. Squinting and working to hold myself up, I slowly felt my way down the bright, vacant corridor. I made it to the door on the end, … More Snakes On A Plate

Hanoi – A Week I’ll Never Forget… If I Could Only Remember

01/24/2012 – “Hold on sir.” As the customs official looks curiously at my passport and waves over some more suits. Oh shit, I’ve been red flagged. They’re talking and pointing at me, now they’re walking this way. I can see the door, should I run for it. Okay, so really my passport was just damaged. … More Hanoi – A Week I’ll Never Forget… If I Could Only Remember