Always hungry for new and exotic foods? Want to consume as much of a cuisine as possible while visiting the country of origin? Is the market one of your favorite places in a new city? Then this my friend is the page for you with these Edible Guides keeping your stomach full.

Edible Guides – If you need advice on where to eat or what to eat, then this is your page. I’ve compiled some guides to my favourite destinations leading you through the streets with your hunger in mind.

Must Try Edibles – This section is posts based on a single edible that I personally think is a must try. Whether it be because it’s absolutely delicious, exotic or locally unique, you’ll find it here.

Cooking Classes – I often do cooking classes wherever possible so I’m able to bring cuisines home with me. If you’re interested in learning to cook as you travel like myself, these are cooking classes I have personally done and would recommend for a great day of food.

Restaurants – Stuck on where to dine? While I don’t always do a full restaurant review being more focused of different foods instead, if I have one recommended here then I truly think it is worth a visit.

Recipes – If you are looking for a recipe of some worldly dishes, I’ve posted a handful of different dishes from around the world that I’ve learned along the way.


Boiled pig intestine at the night market