A Brief History…

Jason MullinWell to start, my name is Jason Mullin and I have three passions in this world. One is to cook, one is to eat, and one is to travel. I was born to cook! I have memories of baking with my mom on a stool, because I couldn’t reach the counter. At 9, I would make kitchen cupboard concoctions, and rush home to watch Emeril Live when I was 11. Entered the industry at 14 dish washing, and was a line cook at 16. I’d fallen in love and didn’t even know it. I attended Fanshawe College at the drug-addled, booze-soaked age of 19 for Culinary Management. Shortly after, I moved north to the captivating beauty that is Muskoka for most of my apprenticeship. I finished my apprenticeship in 2013 as the sous chef at The Log Cabin Inn and attained my Red Seal Certification.

Recently my life has taken a bit of a turn, from spending my life in kitchens learning about food to spending my time on the road learning firsthand the cuisines of the world. I’ve come to realize that with travel I am able to embrace all three passions at once. I have travelled a fair amount but, not nearly enough with so many amazing countries to visit. Since 2014, I’ve been moving around scouring the world discovering new cultures, meeting new people and most importantly filling my stomach with new foods from the norm to exotic. I’m not sure if I’ll ever get my fill of what this world has to offer, so for the foreseeable future it will be me and my backpack learning each day how much I really don’t know.

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  1. Take me with you and teach me your ways! Ive beven at this for just a few weeks, and man oh man its hard to set up a website. I’ll get it going soon so follow me and watch me grow! 🙂

    1. I wish I had ways to teach. I’m ultimately still new to the whole website thing as well, usually struggling when I try to change or add something. It definitely is not easy, but look forward to checking it out when your done 🙂

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