2015’s Memorable Eats

I’ve been on an edible journey for many years now. It started with the development of my passion for food and cooking. However, the past two years this journey had taken somewhat of a different trajectory. From working strictly towards becoming a chef to now following my stomach on a more global food trail. Primarily … More 2015’s Memorable Eats

HIGH Points of 2015

2015 was another year of unforgettable experiences. From Southeast Asia to the Arctic, it brought me to some places I definitely didn’t plan and taught me a lot. Full of spontaneity, new and old places, great friends and food. I really can’t ask for much more! I started the year out by returning to Vietnam. … More HIGH Points of 2015

The Cambodia I Missed

I was back on the road, eager to get to new and undiscovered places. Roads untraveled, at least by me. After a hasty exit from Vietnam (unfortunately unable to extend my visa at the time), two night buses followed by another morning one, I was back in Cambodia. No plans to speak of, I didn’t … More The Cambodia I Missed