205244_10150992067638774_70425085_nAsia is a continent that I fell deeply in love with during my first trip there at the age of 23. I knew in the back of my mind that this would happen. It’s history always fascinated me since it was barely touched on throughout school. Knowledge I had to gain by my own means. A land so foreign to me at the time, I almost felt as if it was out of my reach. For years I had only wanted to get away, as far as I could for unknown lengths of time. As I got older I realized that finally it was possible, not just a farfetched dream. I had been independent for years now, paying my way and more, finishing college and so on. The final push came as I was in my second year of culinary school. My passion for the cuisines of Asia (Southeast Asia in particular) came forth and there was no turning back. I realized I was able to combine my new found passions: eating, cooking and travel. Embarking on that first trip to Asia marked a new chapter in my life and I have yet to look back.