Varkala, India

  In the south of India, in the jewel state of Kerala sits Varkala. Perched high above on the red cliffs that line the coast it was a place of relaxation and pure enjoyment. A rocky decline down to the beach where the waves crashed (with quite the undertow to be careful of), you could … More Varkala, India

Shimla, India

Located in the picturesque foothills of the Himalayas, the capital of Himachal Pradesh and once the summer capital of British India. Shimla is the terminus for one of the three Mountain Railways of India, a UNESCO World Heritage site. A 96 km long single rail link built in the mid nineteenth century connecting Kalka and … More Shimla, India

2 Weeks in Goa

I can hear the faint whispers of the lives of thousands lured here and the many who were snared and never left. Come in, don’t worry, slip off the sandals, have a drink, smoke a joint, breathe in the air. Slowly becoming enshrouded by these emerald wisps of a maiden imprisoning me in this forbidden … More 2 Weeks in Goa

Week Six Transition

It has been six weeks… India… things have changed. Something at first turned me away from this country, an extreme culture shock. I didn’t think I would be upset to leave, or really want to return. Still just under the surface of a country that would take a lifetime to fully understand, I felt different. … More Week Six Transition

The City Of Life And Death – Varanasi, India

  Ground level, travelling with the locals, sleeper class on the overnight train to Varanasi. Tight, cramped quarters with eight bunks, somehow crowded with at least twelve people. I landed the top bunk, which I considered lucky having the option to escape the crowded bunks of the bottom, the bustle at every stop as people … More The City Of Life And Death – Varanasi, India

Cold, Pain, Illness, All Amongst Beauty – Himachel Pradesh, India

Not starting with any of these, instead my first mistake… booking two tickets too close together and relying on the Indian rail system to be punctual, but these others were soon to come. I was heading to the hill station of Shimla on the UNESCO World Heritage train from Kalka (six hours north of New … More Cold, Pain, Illness, All Amongst Beauty – Himachel Pradesh, India