Sukothai, Thailand

A city on the central plains of Thailand, a UNESCO World Heritage site, it is located nearly right in the middle of the two biggest cities, Bangkok and Chiang Mai. For a short time in the 13th and 14th centuries, Sukhothai presided as Thailand’s capital. Old Sukhothai is now a gathering of exquisite ruins, where the … More Sukothai, Thailand

Trekking the Annapurna Circuit – Part 1: 50 Shades Of Green

Day 1 – 6:30 am. Packing only the essentials, a couple outfits to hike in, one to hang around in at the days finish, gore-tex gear, basic toiletries, a couple books, a little food (muesli for the mornings, granola bars and trail mix as snacks on the move), and of course my juggling balls I … More Trekking the Annapurna Circuit – Part 1: 50 Shades Of Green

2 Weeks in Goa

I can hear the faint whispers of the lives of thousands lured here and the many who were snared and never left. Come in, don’t worry, slip off the sandals, have a drink, smoke a joint, breathe in the air. Slowly becoming enshrouded by these emerald wisps of a maiden imprisoning me in this forbidden … More 2 Weeks in Goa

Week Six Transition

It has been six weeks… India… things have changed. Something at first turned me away from this country, an extreme culture shock. I didn’t think I would be upset to leave, or really want to return. Still just under the surface of a country that would take a lifetime to fully understand, I felt different. … More Week Six Transition