Skydive Cairns

Catapulted from the relative safety of the plane, I began my one way trip toward the earth. Plummeting toward the hard unforgiving ground, air rushing past distorting my face in unimaginable ways, my rippling lips part and let out a confused scream. One of fear or one of joy? The ancient Daintree forest quickly approaches on the left, the Great Barrier Reef to my right. There is a brief tug of the chute back to reality as the natural crack hit fades and I remember where I am… Skydive Cairns.

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What better way to start a year than being baptized by a cloud? For me, there is no better way. Maybe some equal, but not better. It was cleansing in a sense, a fresh start as last year fades into the distance.

Skydiving has been a bucket list item for years now and while it has grown over time, it’s nice to finally be able to check this one off. Bungee jumping has been a love of mine since that first miniscule 25m jump. Now it was time for an affair.

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There was three of us, recently escaped from the desolation of Ayr and the monotony of our fruit picking jobs. We drove by the popular Mission Beach where most come for skydiving in Australia. The draw being that the landing takes places on a beach. Myself, I envisioned sand rocketing up my arse as we skidded to a stop. More than that though, I liked the idea of jumping over two UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Leaving no time for nerves to build up, we booked the first possible jump available the following day. The weather was ominous, so we just hoped luck was on our side. Jan 4, 2017… Jump Day. The skies didn’t look promising at first, but as our jump time rolled around, the cloud began to break. A temporary window in the otherwise shite weather. We’ll take it.

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Geared up with the parachute pants and testicle choking harness, we boarded the plane and it was wheels up. Latched in to the crotch of another, it wasn’t long before we broke through the sporadic cloud layer and reached 14,000 feet. The door opens, cool wind hitting the face and the adrenaline begins to pump. From here the process is quick. In no time, my buddy is tossed from the plane with a long drawn out ‘F!&*^%@$ck! I was next.

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A crab-like scuttle to the door and I was hanging in limbo. Legs dangling, head back, 1, 2, and the plane was gone. It’s a shock at first as it happens so quickly even when you’re expecting it. As complete realization sets in, so does the triple backflip providing quick glimpses of the plane growing more distant, followed by the ground drawing nearer.

Phoosh! We ripped through a cloud, a rainbow to the left. My mind trying to take it all in, I didn’t know where to look, my smile from ear to ear as my cheeks flapped. 45 seconds that could have lasted forever, the chute was pulled and we began our drifting decent towards the green earth. Thriving off the buzz, eyes wide my head was on a constant pivot gazing out at the slowly diminishing aerial view.

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Before I knew it, it was legs up as we skidded to a halt in the field. Just like losing your virginity, it was exciting, got the blood pumping and over way too quick. Not to mention instantly addicting, I knew I’d be doing this again and again, as often as possible.


Jump – Currently on Sale for Summer, 299$ AUD

Handicam Video and Photo Package – 129$ AUD

To check out Skydive Cairns website, click here.

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