Greasy Spoon – Koh Tao, Thailand

Greasy Spoon – Breakfast Bar and Chip Shop

In complete relaxation looking out over the view from the High Bar, I had met someone who had recommended this place, but most importantly mentioned that they serve black pudding. I was in… I had to check this out. Just about every place under the sun here offer an American or English breakfast, but few and far between are any of them actually any good. Located a little ways right of the pier towards Chalok Baan Khao, you’ll find this gem, the Greasy Spoon.

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My first round here, I was craving a full English and of course the black pudding that ultimately brought me here. It was a mammoth plate of food consisting of 2 eggs, 3 slices British bacon, 2 Cumberland sausages, 2 hashbrowns, beans, tomato, fried local mushrooms and tea/coffee. Oh, did I mention homemade bread, lightly toasted. The black pudding was a side I had to throw into the mix. I was in heaven, struggling to finish and feeling lethargic in the best way possible. This would cure a hangover no problem (which are frequent enough on these islands) or just that insatiable hunger for a proper western breakfast.

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The Full English (large breakfast) with black pudding

Offering a half English, along with different variations of this (more meat for example) and delicious fluffy pancakes it has your breakfast needs covered. This and a lunch menu to boot frying up traditional fish & chips and more. The full English costs 250 Baht plus 40 for the side of black pudding which isn’t necessarily the cheapest, but on an island where little is cheap anyways compared to the north of Thailand, you really get what you pay for here. It was easily the best western breakfast I’d eaten in all of Southeast Asia, enough to draw me back my last morning before catching the ferry.

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