Axel Heiberg Island – Land Before Time

In July of 2017, the opportunity to visit Axel Heiberg was at my doorstep. This was a once in a lifetime experience… well, probably anyways. Travel in the Arctic is not an easy destination for the average traveler as it is expensive, the logistics can be difficult and overwhelming and the infrastructure doesn’t necessarily support … More Axel Heiberg Island – Land Before Time

Edibles of 2017

2017 marked my 4th year of traveling the world for good eats. Generally my travels bring me far from Canada, in search of the more exotic edibles not necessarily accustomed to the average North American palate. This year on the other hand, I spent closer to home. While I got a taste of some foods … More Edibles of 2017

2016 Edibles Log

For 3 years now I’ve been traipsing across the global food trail, following my stomach and tasting the road less traveled. While there are many sides to travel, all the adventures taken, learning experiences and people met and more all in between meals, my focus still tends to often gravitate on my next meal. Every country, whether … More 2016 Edibles Log