Varkala, India


The red cliffs of Varkala


In the south of India, in the jewel state of Kerala sits Varkala. Perched high above on the red cliffs that line the coast it was a place of relaxation and pure enjoyment. A rocky decline down to the beach where the waves crashed (with quite the undertow to be careful of), you could lounge the day away or often find a soccer match to join in with. The seafood was plentiful, the smells of grilled snapper and crab wafting out of the restaurants drawing in the passers-by. The fresh fruit seemed unlimited. The streets smelled of ripe jackfruit hanging from the trees. Bananas were among thousands while mangoes and coconuts hung just over head. For a touch more adrenaline in your day surf lessons were offered by few just a short ride down the coast. Perfect for first timers. To relax even further, Ayurvedic massages and yoga classes are on offer. Some may be frauds, just do your research. It’s definitely a place to easily lose oneself.




How to get there: By plane – the nearest airport is in Trivandrum about 45km from Varkala.

By Train – whether coming from Trivandrum or Kochi, trains run to Varkala rail station, but not all trains stop there so be sure to ask before jumping aboard.

By Bus – running the most frequently there is a bus from nearly any bigger city, whether it be Kochi, Trivandrum or Alleppey. Local buses are the cheapest and don’t require any reservations. Just squeeze on as they will be tightly packed.

Unsure of prices in this case.


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