Sukothai, Thailand



A city on the central plains of Thailand, a UNESCO World Heritage site, it is located nearly right in the middle of the two biggest cities, Bangkok and Chiang Mai. For a short time in the 13th and 14th centuries, Sukhothai presided as Thailand’s capital. Old Sukhothai is now a gathering of exquisite ruins, where the day can easily be spent roaming or cycling through to the remains of numerous Wats (temples). While some have been restored and some left in ruins, it is reminiscent of what once was. Only a short distance to the west of New Sukhothai where most accommodation is, it can be easily reached by songthaews (shuttles) leaving regularly. Less known by tourists, it is a nice break from the crowded temples of Bangkok, Ayutthaya and Chiang Mai.

Lotuses in the ponds around the well tended gardens of Old Sukhothai

How to get there: From Bangkok by bus – from the Mo Chit Northern Bus Terminal buses leave regularly throughout the day from approx. 270 – 410 Baht, depending on how classy you wish to travel. 6-7 hours

From Chiang Mai by bus – from the Arcade Bus Station buses leave roughly every hour approx. 250 Baht. 5-6 hours

By train – There is no train station in Sukhothai, the nearest being Phitsanulok, approx. 50 km away. Buses leave from Phitsanulok nearly every 30 min

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